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26 Things I AM Thankful For This Year

To remind myself there are¬†always things to be Thankful for. This is a short list. What are yours? 1. For my voice. I was the shy kid that finally spoke up against injustice. 2. For courage and those that surround me with it. 3. All the new people and friends I have met this year. 4. For Pizza. ūüôā 5. Resourcefulness. I might take that word to a new level. 6. For the people that are not afraid to take a stand for those that can’t. 7. For her “I’ve got your back attitude,” my mom. 8. For the birds […]

A Decision Will be Made on October 30th, 2014: NY Times Article on My Dad’s Case.

A¬†year and four months after¬†the arrest of my dad’s murderer, a decision will be made on October 30th, 2014 regarding wether the case is dismissed or not. To read the article and understand the issue at hand, please click here.

“Your Dream Will Come Back to You Again and Again.”

We like to pretend it is hard to follow our heart’s dreams. The truth is, it is difficult to avoid walking through the many doors that will open. Turn aside your dream and it will come back to you again and a second mysterious door will swing open. -Julia Cameron. Yay. I am reading the Artist’s Way again! Written by Julia Cameron; it is one of my favorite books. I first¬†heard¬†about this book through my writer friend, Erasmo Guerra. We met at an office job I had way back during college years.He told me how much he liked the book […]

“The Game.” Coming Soon.

Coming Soon: Short Film: The Game, directed by Ray Hungria. Produced by Iorgo Papoutsas. It was a pleasure to work on this short film where I play a lead as Sarah.¬† SYNOPSIS: The Game¬†is a bubbly romantic comedy with a true spiky twist. Situated in current day New York City, it narrates the story of a young unmarried couple in their mid-late twenties; composed of an outdated, unattractive boring-looking girl, Sarah, and a lanky and gangly nerdy-looking guy, Peter. After living together for a while, their relationship is going through a very strong period of mutual apathy and heavy monotony. […]

My Glam Birthday Party at Altus Cafe.

  January 26th, always a cold day or snowy day in NYC but have to make it fun nonetheless. There are times I just run off to the DR for my birthday, like last year, and of course, that’s when NYC had nice mild temperatures.¬†¬†Four about 5 years, I’ve kept my birthday celebrations Uptown so that it is close to most people I know and ¬†that way we can manage through a surprise blizzard or not be too turned off by the coldest day of the year. ¬† Also, with all of the venues we have in Washington Heights and […]


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